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Mining Experience Rabensteiner Stollen

  • Rabensteiner Stollen (Foto: Rabensteiner Stollen)
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Rabensteiner Stollen is the only coal mine of the Harz, which gives a fascinating insight into the underground world. After entering the coal mine with the "Rabenstein-Express" you can see what it was like in the olden days and how work was carried out in the original workplaces, little alcoves which often were not higher than 60cm. One can just imagine how it must have felt working underground with these inhospitable working conditions. If you like you can also take a ride on the bike trolley through the mine. You might discover some interesting fossils. A small bistro with a cosy garden and a museum shop are also available.


free admission and guided underground mine tour

opening hours:

underground tour:
Tue-Sun: 10.15 am, 11.30 am, 12.45 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.15 pm
1st November - 20th December
Sun: 10.15 am, 11.30 am
27th December - 31st March
Mon and Fri: 10.15 am, 11.30 am, 12.45 pm


adult: 14,00 €
children (3-17 years): 7,50 €
familycard: 34,00 €





special tip:

The Narrow Harz Gauge Railway stops just outside the mine. The stop is called "Netzkater", so you might want to combine a ride on the historic train line with a visit to the mines.

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BergbauErlebnisWelt Rabensteiner Stollen
99768  Harztor / Ilfeld

+49 (0)36331 48153

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