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terms and conditions

1. Commercial basis: with the purchase of the HarzCard you get no concluded agreements with a service provider shown in the HarzCard guide. The companies in the illustrated HarzCard guide offer their services. The HarzCard holder makes the respective contract directly with the service provider/company before or by the use of the service shown. The Harz AG is not a tour operator, but merely provides the HarzCard holder with information about the HarzCard offers. The service providers offer the HarzCard holder the use of the services listed in the current HarzCard guide to the specified conditions during the time the HarzCard is valid.

2. Service: the service providers have committed themselves to provide HarzCard holders the stated offers as well as services during season and usual business hours unrestricted and fully available. Some services of the service provider may be limited due to weather and seasonal conditions. Restrictions may also arise on certain individual close up times. The services of the HarzCard are listed in the HarzCard guide and may vary depending on the card type. Services may be subject to availability. Claims from the HarzCard holder for not available services by the individual service providers can’t be derived from the Harz AG. For the services of the service providers, the Harz AG assumes no liability. The exchange and return of tickets is excluded.

3. Validity: the validity of the services from the service providers, starts on 01.01.2022 and ends on 31.12.2022. The validity period is determined by the selected card type (type 1: four individual days within the calendar year; type 2: valid for 48 hours). The validity of type 1 starts from the date of first use, and ends at the latest 31.12.2022 at midnight. The validity of type 2 begins with the first use and ends after 47 hours and 59 min and 59 sec. Unused days / hours can’t be transferred to the following acceptance period.

4. Price: the prices listed in the HarzCard guide are valid for HarzCard adult and HarzCard children.

5. Children's and Bambino HarzCard: the children HarzCard is valid for children 5-14 years. When buying an adult ticket, children up to 4 years get a free Bambino HarzCard.

6. Application: to receive the benefits, the cardholder must present the HarzCard before the service is used or purchased. The service provider has to check validity before the individual contract.  

7. Abuse: in the event of misuse or suspected fraud of the HarzCard, the service providers are authorized to withhold the card. The cardholder is liable to ensure no misuse by third parties are carried out. If the HarzCard has got lost or was stolen, the incident must be reported by telephone on +49 (0) 3943 - 935 800. However, the HarzCard holder has no direct entitlement to get a free replacement card.  

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