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validity of the card

48-hour HarzCard:

The 48-hour HarzCard is valid for 48 hours continuously within the calendar year (1st January until 31st December). The HarzCard is activated when used for the first time and can thereafter be used for 48 hours, for example, from Monday 11am to Wednesday 11am.
Hence it is important that you are aware of when you use this card for the last time. If you wish to visit a museum on Wednesday, and the card runs out at 11am, you must endeavour to enter the museum before 11am, to get the free entrance or the discount offer. Once you have entered the attraction, you have no time limit.


4-day HarzCard:

The 4-day HarzCard is valid for 4 separate days of your choice within a calendar year (1st January until 31st December). You don’t have to take the four days continuously; they can be selected separate. The HarzCard is activated in the morning, when you enter the first attraction and make use of the discount or offer, and ends in the evening with the closing time of the selected attraction. To use it again, activate for the second day, whenever you wish.Please note: the card is not valid for 12 months if purchased during the year (e.g. 1st May 2021 until 1st May 2022). The card is valid for the calendar year (1st January until 31st December).The card is valid for one day each. This does not mean valid from Monday 10am until Tuesday 10am.

Kids HarzCard / Bambino Card:

The terms and conditions of the Kids HarzCard / Bambino Card are the same as the adult HarzCard. The most frequent asked questions are about age. What if the child has a birthday between the purchase and the use of the card. Select here the age of the children when using the card.

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